Top 10 Elevator Myths

Elevator Myths

As long as the Company is a registered Contractor with the TSSA, they are able to provide any services required
The button only requires to be pushed once and at that point the call is registered in the controller. Constant pushing of the button will cause premature failure of the respective components
Elevators are supported by multiple steel cables. Each cable alone can support a fully loaded car
This should never be attempted. The hatch door is fastened close from the car top and is there to allow for trained emergency persons to use if necessary
Only qualified licenced elevator mechanics are able to perform this task
This can only occur if there is a remote generator to supply power in the event of a loss of utility power. Some hydraulic elevators are equipped to automatically lower to the main floor and open the doors
The elevator cabin is built with several openings that supply a path for ventilation. Further, the car top is equipped with a fan that exhausts the air from the cabin
This will ultimately slow the elevator system down as the elevator will now have to respond to both call requests even if no one is at that floor
The elevator is designed so that the car controls the opening of the hall door. When the car arrives at a landing, the car door engages the hall door and the car door operator then opens both sets of doors. If the car is not at the landing, it cannot trigger the hall doors to open