Invoice Review

Invoice ReviewWe will review your invoice to ensure that you are being charges correctly and accurately.

Are you paying for something that should be covered under your current contractual agreement? Let us assist you in saving money by allowing us to review your invoices prior to making any payments. In most cases, you may not understand the elevator jargon which may very well fall under the inclusions of the current agreement. Its not uncommon for the Contractor to implement overtime charges for calls that normally should be included.

This is where BH Elevator Consultants Inc can help. We are experts in elevator service and in all types of elevator contracts. We understand the language, and we understand the services that generate each invoice. Where it may take hours for you to research individual invoices, we can usually tell very quickly whether it should be paid or not. Our Customers take advantage of our knowledge and by doing so, find themselves saving money and time. After all, do you really know how long certain services and repairs should take?

So next time you look at that stack of invoices on your desk, you don’t have to just wish they would go away. Give us a call, and we can make them go away for you…so you can get back to more important things. You will be amazed how much money you will be saving.