New Equipment Purchase

New Equipment PurchaseThroughout the life span of your elevator, it may become apparent that certain key components should be upgraded to newer technology or simply because age and obsolescence has set in. Although your Elevator Maintenance Contractor may have advised you on this requirement, under most contractual agreements, this retrofit will not be covered, thus this will be an additional expense. In such cases, you are not obliged to deal with your Contractor and you will find that BH Elevator Consultants Inc. will provide you with lower prices and our guarantee for a smooth seamless installation process. All of the Companies that we use to perform the work are Registered Contractors with the TSSA and have been endorsed by BH Elevator Consultants Inc for their professional workmanship and customer service.

The following are just some examples where we can assist with your new equipment purchase:

  • CAT 1 & CAT 5 testing
  • CCTV installation
  • Cab interior retrofits
  • Cab moving pads
  • Car operating panels including hall stations and position indicators
  • Door Operators
  • Hall door locking devices
  • Infrared door detection devices
  • Machine Room Guarding
  • Residential Home elevator swing doors
  • WIFI and multimedia players

All products and services are completed to Customer satisfaction, ensuring full compliance with the TSSA.