Project Management

Project Management

We take the Project from it's origin all the way to it's complete turnover ensuring that your investment is protected.

We provide innovative vertical transportation solutions to:

  • Architects
  • Building owners
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Property managers

BH Elevator Consultants Inc Project Management services are comprehensive by design. We bring the highest value and performance to our client's vertical transportation systems. Our Project Management program begins with a comprehensive examination of the existing vertical transportation system. During this process we determine the components of the existing system that can be retained and refurbished as well as which components require complete retrofitting or replacement. The next phase of our Management program provides our clients with a customized performance oriented bid specification designed to enhance competitive bidding while still providing the exact equipment best suited to protect the interests of the client. The last phase of our Project Management program provides our Clients with services which include scheduled job-site evaluations during the entire modernization process and providing the client with weekly construction reports to advise on the present installation process and ensuring everything is in exact accordance with the details of the bid specification and contract.

Key Benefits

  • Confidence in knowing that all vertical transportation units comply with the most stringent applicable local, state and national codes.
  • Specifications designed to yield vertical transportation performance and the best value to the client.
  • The highest level of workmanship from the elevator contractor, equipment operating at peak designed efficiency and the equipment fully satisfying the intent of the specification and contract documents