If you are a building owner or a property manager, you might have wondered why should you engage the services of an elevator consultant?

For over three decades, I have come to realize that for both Commercial and Residential Buildings, the most important asset is the elevator(s). This becomes even more evident when they malfunction and shut down. We completely rely on them for our safe travels and most importantly, in cases of medical emergencies. We are talking about a combination of thousands of components that when serviced and maintained properly, history has shown that safe and reliable operation can be achieved for over thirty years.  That is pretty spectacular when you realize that elevators don’t stop for holidays or weekends and we expect them to perform at any time of the day, every day, for over a period of thirty years. I would say that this is a very good return on one’s investment. However, in order to achieve this kind of success, it has become apparent that there is a huge requirement for due diligence.  


A lot of mechanisms and energy go into its functionality and design. You might not be the one who is responsible for the design and installation of the elevator, but as a Property Owner or Manager, you are responsible to make the correct decisions that will ultimately prove to provide efficiency, safety, and a life span of reliability.  Now comes the question, what do the average laymen know about function and operation. For that matter, how about the terms and jargon that are spelled out in your contracts? 


Apart from assisting you in recommending the proper elevator system for your property, Elevator Consultants can also be made responsible for the implementation of maintenance, required upgrades, and all compliance issues.  If the equipment is already installed, they will check the equipment and its functionality for proper usage and full compliance with regard to the contractual provisions. Then there comes modernization which is another important service that elevator consultants provide. If modernization is the route you want to explore, Elevator Consultants will ensure that you have all of the important information allowing you to make well-informed decisions. Ultimately, keeping within budget and ensuring for proper workmanship can have a tremendous effect on the future reliability of the unit.  

Here are some examples where Elevator Consultants can assist you when dealing in this very Niche Industry: 

  • Performance Standards  
  • Equipment Lifecycle Analysis  
  • Capital Planning / Asset Management  
  • Maintenance Verification & Deficiency List (Audits) 
  • Performance Improvement  
  • Code Violation Verification  
  • Code and Safety Upgrades  
  • Equipment Review  
  • Compliance Issues 
  • Contract Review and Renewal Process  
  • Site Visits  
  • Invoice Review and Payment Authorization 
  • Inspection Readiness Verification 
  • And many more………. 

The investment to have an audit performed on your existing equipment would prove to be a great step at ensuring for a safe and reliable operation whereby preventive maintenance is being completed on a regular basis and the contractual obligations are being met by the Contractor. The report you will receive will provide you with a real-time picture of how well your elevators are functioning and, in most cases, you may be surprised to learn that the Contractor is NOT performing at the level that is required to obtain full satisfaction. In order to obtain thirty years of proper operation, it’s going to take some due diligence on your behalf.  


This is where we come into the picture. We at BH Elevator Consultants apply our expertise to evaluate your equipment and your Company’s requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you have the proper information you need to keep your elevators/escalators working properly. Since incorporation in 2014 by Mr. Mark Render, BH Elevator Consultants Inc. has provided their clients with ultimate satisfaction when it comes to customer service and obtaining the proper resolutions.  

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until a huge problem transpires and you then realize how important it is to have proper operating elevators to service your Patrons. We are here to assist in any way we can to help with your elevator/escalator endeavors.  

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