AuditsOur reports will be focused on the current equipment status and overall condition with respect to performance. Such reports shall include lack of performance issues with compliance deadlines and complete accountability based on the current contractual agreement.

Where necessary, Owners' responsibilities will be noted and if applicable, associated costs will be provided. This shall include but not limited to recommendations for future budgets and provisions for future modernization.

BH Elevator Consultants conducts the audit based on the current needs of the Building and Management. Our audit will document how the Building's capital expenditure is being serviced with specific references made to the current maintenance plan, existing contractual agreement and the type of elevator equipment being utilized.

Performing this audit on a consistent basis will result in performance and service improvements by highlighting specific areas of improvement in both the service and mechanical. Ultimately, always finding areas of improvement that will save the Ownership unneeded expenses while increasing the asset value and overall performance.