Our Services Include


Feasibility Study

This will encompass a site visit to determine feasibility of elevator installations based upon our research and comparison with the existing site conditions.


New Equipment Purchase

Throughout the life span of your elevator, it may become apparent that certain key components should be upgraded to newer technology.


Project Management

BH Elevator Consultants Inc Project Management services are comprehensive by design. We bring the highest value and performance to our client’s vertical transportation needs.


TSSA Compliance Issues

With today’s technology constantly evolving, existing elevating devices may require changes to meet the continually changing the Safety Code.

comparisons of equipment Manufacturers

We Provide Critical Evaluations

Our reports will be focussed on the current equipment status and overall condition with respect to performance. Such reports shall include lack of performance issues with compliance deadlines and complete accountability based on the current contractual agreement.

Our vision is to partner closely with our clients, to understand their needs and add value, to provide exceptional, professional and timely service and to strive to exceed expectations on each project every time.

We cover all necessary work including machine rooms, hoistway, pit, cab and any other relevant device required for specifications such as presentation of specification for a proper tendering practice allowing for all Contractors to bid on the same contract.

We aim to develop productivity and innovation

BH Elevator Consultants is an established Lift and Escalator Consultancy practice and our aim is to support your business by providing professional and expert advice on all your vertical transportation needs.

We believe in developing long-standing relationships with all its clients by partnering closely with them. At the core of our clients loyalty is the knowledge that BH Elevator Consultants will provide to its clients.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with with people who are highly qualified, have a wide range of experience and who will work with each individual client to provide practical and cost effective solutions.

BH Elevator Consultants cover a full range of services, from survey and maintenance related work through to the design and supervision of new and refurbishment schemes.

At BH Elevator Counsultants, our key staff have previous employment experience with many of the world’s largest Lift companies, with personal involvement in all projects.

We undertake commissions throughout the GTA providing advice on lifts, escalators, moving walkways, permanent access equipment and disabled access equipment.

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Meet Our Team

Mark Render

Since incorporating BH Elevator Consultants Inc. in 2014, Mark has led BH to provide elevator consulting in the form of maintenance audits, due diligence and investigatory studies, and the provision of expert opinion on vertical transportation services for a wide range of clients in the Commercial, Retail and Social Housing sectors.
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Why Use an Elevator Consultant


Ensure nothing is missed for your project


Know the final cost at project outset


Only contractors suited to the scope of work are considered

Professional Engineering

Guidance throughout the project avoiding unnecessary surprises