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BH Elevator Consultants Inc. is an independent Firm not affiliated with any other Contractor, Developer, or any other establishment that would alter our bias. We work directly for YOU with only one thing in mind, YOUR best interests! We are dedicated to preserving our Client's trust.

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We help and assist Condominium Corporations, Developers and Owners who are looking for an independent resource to provide guidance when navigating through the sometimes confusing "Condo Maze". We give you the tools to assist in making the best, informed decision.

Every day, people depend on the safe and reliable operations of the building's elevators. It is of critical importance to the Owners, Management Companies, and all the patrons who rely on this mode of transportation throughout the building. With the advent of the tremendous amount of mandates and codes set forth to meet the specific vertical transportation needs, BH Elevator Consultants Inc. will evaluate and advocate on your behalf to ensure every individual elevator/escalator/lift receives the proper preventative measures in order to achieve maximum reliability and safety.

You can expect to see improvements in ride quality, potential energy savings, optimization of existing equipment, less shut down time, proper lines of communication with present Contractor, full compliance with TSSA directives, and never paying for unnecessary costs or upgrades.

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Allow us to provide you with reliable safe and efficient vertical transportation to your property and tenants.

Each project receives our design and consulting service crafted specifically for the client's individual needs. Ultimately providing optimal results for each clients needs.

When does an elevator need modernization?

Here are the top reasons why Facilities/Owners modernize their elevators and when the proper time is.

  • icon_16Code complianceTSSA and or MOL or any other Legal Authority mandates compliance work which shall be completed within a specific time frame. Example: Removal of single speed controllers.
  • icon_17CapacityYour elevator equipment is not able to handle the traffic requests.
  • icon_18Poor maintenanceHistory indicating a lack of preventative maintenance ultimately reducing the overall lifespan of the equipment while continually malfunctioning and trapping passengers.
  • icon_19Excessive trouble callsThe frequency of malfunctions has resulted in too many complaints ultimately leading to loss of Tenants.
  • icon_20Update safetyOlder elevator systems employed equipment that was tested and complied with for the applicable codes at the time of installation, however, today's technology has provided for better suited applications lending itself to provide better safety features.
  • icon_22AccidentsAny incident and or accident which has proven to be caused by faulty outdated equipment.
  • icon_23ObsolescenceThe equipment has reached an age whereby elevator contractors can no longer properly maintain due to parts no longer being manufactured.